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You have already created and configure your asset in BAG·Tower:
  • decoder configured and attach to tag or group in BAG·Tower
  • asset created in BAG·Tower, check the help here
  • your asset MUST be in the correct group or have the correct tag for its info to go through the Teltonika decoder (here)

If those requirements are not filled, you probably want to check out the help to connect your first Teltonika asset here

Connect my Teltonika

 Get the Api Key of your asset

 1. go to

 2. click on the asset you want to connect, TRB141 in this example

This will show the connection information for your asset, mainly its "Api Key"

Connect to your asset

  1. log on you Teltonika asset with CLI or ssh (for detail information go here)
  2. run the following command:

3. you should see this

All good!!!

Your asset is now periodically pushing information to BAG·Tower, go check on

click on "details" to see the information pushed by your asset.

For a TRB141 you will see the following:

If you want to update the information stored for your asset you can:

  • update the decoder
  • update the script running on your asset to push different information (and of course update the decoder accordingly)

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